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1. The power supply can be accessed from a DC outlet or a terminal block.
2. Audio can be from 3.5mm socket, or 3P socket audio input interface, such as: computer, MP3 player, etc.
3. Bass volume potentiometer, which can independently adjust the bass output volume.
4. Left and right channel volume potentiometer, can adjust the left and right channel output volume at the same time.
5. Treble adjustment potentiometer, adjustable left and right channel treble gain output.
6. Switch / total volume potentiometer, with switch can turn off the amplifier / can also adjust the bass and left and right channel output volume.
7. Total potentiometer with default switch

Note: The 3P input jack "Lin" -- is the source left channel input, and the "G" -- is the source common ground "Rin" -- is the source right channel input.
Audio input sensitivity: 600-800mV
Frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz
Speaker impedance: left and right channels: 4-8 ohms, bass channel: 2-8 ohms
Dimensions: 101 (W) x 100 (D) x (H) <30mm, excluding potentiometers and socket extensions
Operating voltage range: DC11-24V (current 3-4A, or 19-24V/4-5A, if the power requirement is higher than 20-24V/8-9A) such as using AC transformer power supply, it must be rectified and filtered a direct current DC power supply is available for use. Note that the DC no-load voltage should not be greater than 25.5V (this is very important)
Supports up to 50W (left channel) + 50W (right channel) + 100W (bass channel) for three channels.
Wide working voltage, energy-saving design, efficiency up to 90%.
You can use a good performance switching power supply, laptop switching power supply, you can also use a charging bottle, or car power supply, etc...

Package included:

1 x TPA3116 digital audio amplifier board

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