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Name: Guangzhou Tower Kit or  Canton Tower Kit(Bluetooth version)
Operating voltage: 5V USB
Dimensions: 78mm x  78mm x 540mm

1. 16 x 16 (lattice) stars light design(top is 8+6+6+1+1)
2. 25 patterns can be freely converted
3. With 6 Classic + 1 hybrid spectrum animation mode 
4. STC12C5A60S2 MCU control, high-speed stability, easy to use
5. Using the remote control transfer mode
6. All DIP component,easy to install successful
7. The offline animation speed adjustable
8. Remote control can enter debug mode
9. Bluetooth transport music(10-20m), do not need to plug card or phone
10. Audio output, can connect external speaker, sound perfectly delightful

Package included:

1 x DIY Bluetooth Canton Tower LED Light Cube Kit Remote Control Music Spectrum Electronic Kit

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