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- Lightweight, easy to carry.
- High conversion rate, high yield.
- Tensile strength, can withstand different environment, waterproof performance is good.
- High stability, good durability
- Suitable for car batteries, car, camper, boat, ship, aircraft, satellites, space stations, the range farming, plantation, tourism, solar street.
Technical specifications:

Product Name: Solar panels
Black Color
Dimensions:. About 730x280x2.5mm / 28.7 "X11" x0.098 "
Power: 30W
Operating voltage: 12V
Pmax: 30Watt
IPmax: 1.7A
Vpmax: 18V
ISC: 1.85A
VOC: 20.5V
Maximum system voltage: 700V
Junction Box: IP67
Operating temperature: -40 ℃ - + 85 ℃
Cable length:. About 3m / 118.1 "
Weight: 1058g
Package Included:

1 x 12V 
30W single crystal semi flexible solar panel

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